Saturday, January 24, 2009

So Fresh and Clean

Today Lucy had her bath. As always, Papa helped.
I had to take her picture and post it.
Gotta capture the moment!

Oh Lucy... I love it when you smell so fresh and clean!


  1. Feathers iza good clean moosh! We bless this little Pup, and we bless her, and we bless her and we bless her, everyday- cuz Woo-Cee (lucy) iza cute moosh!

  2. Justin and I were very happy to see Lucy this weekend! She is a good moosh, and I miss seeing Dasi too!

  3. I like your new background!!! Pink and Black!

  4. So glad your fur baby is feeling much better! She is too darn cute!!! I just found your blog through Everyday Me and saw that you were a winner of her blog candy...YAY! Thought I would pop over an congratulate you! :D Cheri

  5. AHHHH! She's so adorable. I have a toy poodle and I love her. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

  6. Hello Joyce!
    How precious is your poodle!!! So very cute! I am so excited to see your blog! Thanks for all of your pormotion! You are such a lovely artist and kind soul!


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