Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Room With a View

How would you like to wake up to this every morning?
I spent a cool, crisp morning on my lanai sipping my "mock-ffee," while breathing in the awesome view from my room. How grateful I am to bask in the beauty of the soothing ocean. The crashing waves, the rushing sounds of palm trees and the smell of the salt water sea heals my spirit and restores my soul. Thanks be to God for the beauty of the earth!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Under Construction Again!

Hi Everyone!
My sweet daughter is giving my blog a new make-over for Fall.
Thank you Heather! It will be a surprise for me, as I have no idea what she is up to! So much fun! It should be up by today or tomorrow. I will miss My Cherries, but they will return after the holidays.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thank you "Cherry " much Heather!

This little entry is for my darling princess daughter, Heather.  Thank you little one for coming to my rescue to save my sick blog. I love the fresh new look with all the cute little sweet cherries. Please continue to help me so it doesn't fall to pits. I love you! Your friend- Mom

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Blues are Lifting and Drifting away!

It has been three days after surgery and although this day has been the worse as far as pain goes, I can tell that my blues are starting to lift and drift away.

Mentally and emotionally I am slowly adjusting to not having very many teeth in the right side of my mouth and I will just have to be patient until next Spring when I will get my three new teeth. I get my new tooth on my left side this Fall.

It takes a long time for the body to make bone and fuse together with the bone implants that was put in. I will have to have additional surgery to place 3 metal sockets down into the new bone part and then that has to fuse and turn to bone and then I get my new teeth screwed in place. I am going to ask my most wonderful Surgeon if he can do all three surgeries at once, rather than three separate ones. Regardless, this won't take place until late fall or early December.

Weight loss would have been a nice side effect, but unfortunately, smoothies and ice cream are loaded with calories.

When you read this entry sweetheart, know that I am very grateful for your love and patience in having such an ornery moany and groany wifey. I love you, Mark!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Blue Brain

Ok... I think this is what is called surgery blues.

This is a pic of a
Blue Brain.
I think I am blue. This is my
Blue Brain definition:
I hurt too much to do anything, and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
I am too tired to do anything, and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
My attitude is too blue, and and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
My mind is too fuzzy, and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
My body is too weak and I need to get work done.

After the pain goes away and the tiredness ends and my attitude brightens up and my mind clears I will cook and clean and scrap and yes... even do all the tonz of work that needs to be done. Until then I guess I will lay low, watch videos, and sleep to heal and dream about tooth fairies to help make the Blue-ness go away.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day for Tweezers and Scissors- with a bit of Alcohol!

Today was a day to pull out my trusty tweezers and a pair of scissors. And nope... I do not mean for scrapbooking, although I truly wish so! OK... so here is the story.

I have a few hormones that have gone wrong and every other month or so I get an annoying whisker! Yep, you heard it right... a whisker! And I found that if I spray it with a bit of hair spray first, it stiffens up a bit and I can pull the darn thing out, even with cheap tweezers like mine.

As for the scissors... well, this morning my big toe was hurting bad, like I was walking on a lentil. For those of you who do not know what lentils are, I guess I could say it felt as though I was walking on a kernal of unpopped popcorn!

Come to find out it was a plantars wart! Oh gross says I! So out comes the scissors and out comes the tweezers again, with plenty of alcohol, (not the drinkin' kind) And.. five minutes later out comes the plantars wart!

It hurt like heck taking it out, but I was not going to pay anymore medical bills this year. My 16 thousand dollar smile will be enough!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I need a Tooth Fairy

Does the tooth fairy really exist? I certainly hope so because after this week I will have 4 teeth (all in tonz of pieces) to put under my pillow! On a more serious and sad note, I have to admit that I am experiencing more emotional and mental pain than I am physical, and the physical pain is quite intense!

My mouth has not handled root canals at all. Most of my teeth that have had root canals are exploding into fragments and teenie tiny pieces below the gum line and it requires 2 surgeries for each tooth loss to get things fixed. That means this year I will have a total of eight surgeries!

I was shocked how long it takes to get a new tooth! (an implant) I won't be getting my new teeth until Spring of next year. Well, actually I will be getting one new tooth this fall.I am afraid my smiles are going to be rather reserved.

I am grateful for a supportive scrubby who loves his toothless wife. I am trying to be positive and count my blessings.

Many of you have asked about my Little Lucy, our Maltese puppy. We have her on quite a few vitamins and supplements. Hopefully her hair will grow back and she won't have anymore lumps. I couldn't bear the thought in losing her. I love her so much!

I have become very prayerful these days. The tooth fairy may not be real, but one thing I do know... God is real.
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