Friday, January 16, 2009

"Shot" Down for a Week

Last week Little Lucy had her Rabies shots. She came home and acted very tired. I thought this was normal, but it carried on late into the evening. By morning it was evident that something was very wrong with Lucy. She would not play. She would not walk. She just stood. When I picked her up, she cried out in pain. I was devastated and called the vet. They told me to bring her right in for the doctor to see her.

To make the long story short... Lucy had a terrible reaction to the vaccination and had to have some sort of a counter-reaction shot to reverse the effects. We could have lost her! Everyone in the family has been praying for Little Lucy. Even Megumi in Japan prayed for her. And our prayers were answered! It took about a week... but finally Lucy turned around and is now back to herself once again. Thank you everyone for your prayers! It made a difference!

The picture I posted is Lucy after coming back from the vet. She wanted to be everywhere we were. We couldn't leave her side for the rest of the day. Now... as a disturbing bit of information... I started doing my homework on vaccinations for dogs. Did you know that a 1o0 Lb. German Shepherd gets the same amount of vaccine as a tiny 5 lb. puppy? Well... it is true. All dogs get the same amount! And... you can ask your vet for a Titer test to check for your dog's immunity. Chances are that your dog will keep its immunity to a shot for several years and will not need a shot. Bottom line--- you do not need to give your dogs the amount of vaccine shots they say you do. Check out K9author on YouTube who also wrote the book, Scared Poopless.


  1. Get better good baby moosh lucy (pronounced woo-cee cuz you has feathers), and Maybe soon we can play puppies-
    Luv, your friend dazi

  2. That's so interesting about the dosage amounts for vaccines! I had no idea & I've had pets for years! I did have a little ferret a few years back who got a distemper vaccine and went into anaphylactic shock. We almost lost him. He weighed 3 pounds....I wonder if that's why, though the other 2 ferrets I had at the time did just fine with it. (When I went to pick him up, poor little Bubbles was lying there with this teeny tiny little oxygen mask on! I felt horrible!)


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