Monday, August 10, 2009

I need a Tooth Fairy

Does the tooth fairy really exist? I certainly hope so because after this week I will have 4 teeth (all in tonz of pieces) to put under my pillow! On a more serious and sad note, I have to admit that I am experiencing more emotional and mental pain than I am physical, and the physical pain is quite intense!

My mouth has not handled root canals at all. Most of my teeth that have had root canals are exploding into fragments and teenie tiny pieces below the gum line and it requires 2 surgeries for each tooth loss to get things fixed. That means this year I will have a total of eight surgeries!

I was shocked how long it takes to get a new tooth! (an implant) I won't be getting my new teeth until Spring of next year. Well, actually I will be getting one new tooth this fall.I am afraid my smiles are going to be rather reserved.

I am grateful for a supportive scrubby who loves his toothless wife. I am trying to be positive and count my blessings.

Many of you have asked about my Little Lucy, our Maltese puppy. We have her on quite a few vitamins and supplements. Hopefully her hair will grow back and she won't have anymore lumps. I couldn't bear the thought in losing her. I love her so much!

I have become very prayerful these days. The tooth fairy may not be real, but one thing I do know... God is real.


  1. Joyce... I am sooooooo sorry about your teeth... I too had issues with my root canals... and lost 4. It's not fun going toothless... I am so sorry you are having to go through this and the pain of it all. Rainee and I will be praying for you... and you are soooo right God is real and he does hear pray... so we will continue in prayer to receive....

    Now as for the blog and needing to learn so tech stuff... you can ask me anything... I've been helping some friends of mine, and I don't mind at all trying to help you... just email me... and if emailing doesn't work... we can do some phone calls to get you back on track!!!

    Rainee and I will be praying for your doggie... she loves dogs and will be sad to hear if anything happen so your little one...

    Please take care and know you are in our prayers. {{{with much love and and big hugs}}}
    Michelle & Rainee

  2. Hi Joyce!!! All the best to you and your puppy. Take good care!!!! Hugs

  3. Oh, Joyce! :( This is terrible ~ I'm so sorry to hear all of this! My thoughts will be with you and your family and your puppy for sure! I hope you can get some real joy soon!

    As for your blog, everything seems to be where it should be ~ it's just not showing up on your dark background. But if you run your mouse around, everything appears as you roll over it. Maybe all you need to do is change the font colors of the missing elements so they appear better on the dark background.

    Or, if you are using one of the blogger templates, probably switching it to "Minima Dark" would do the trick! {I hope!} Good luck! That's as much help as I can offer unfortunately, since I would be lost on blogger without templates!

    Best wishes to you and your puppy!

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