Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Blue Brain

Ok... I think this is what is called surgery blues.

This is a pic of a
Blue Brain.
I think I am blue. This is my
Blue Brain definition:
I hurt too much to do anything, and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
I am too tired to do anything, and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
My attitude is too blue, and and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
My mind is too fuzzy, and I just wanna cook and clean and scrap.
My body is too weak and I need to get work done.

After the pain goes away and the tiredness ends and my attitude brightens up and my mind clears I will cook and clean and scrap and yes... even do all the tonz of work that needs to be done. Until then I guess I will lay low, watch videos, and sleep to heal and dream about tooth fairies to help make the Blue-ness go away.


  1. oooh JOYCE>.... I FEEL YOUR PAIN by just reading your words. UGH UGH UGH... please rest .. take care of you.. do nothing! :) your in my thoughts and prayers.. oh geez.. I'm so sorry your going through this!! not fair! ugh.
    with NOT a grin,

  2. OH sweet Joyce. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it all go away! Sleep tight and wake felling better. I will fall asleep wishing you speedy recovery and NO MORE SURGERIES!!!

  3. JOYce, You have ALL us Gal's around you. I wish I was there, to help ease your pain, BUT hhey for your sake just as well I'm NOT, cause I'd be givin you a stiff drink, talk heeps to you,watch a real girlie move, like 27 dress's or was that 24???, smoke a few saussies, ARRRR got che on that one, and then call all the GGS Gal's round for a Scrap Party???? what yah think of that????? shame they live so far away huh, but the thought got you away from the pain, THATS what I'm talking about girl, dont suck into it, be strong, and you are, I see that in your sellection of Quotes Laura Ingles, your favorite, RIDE IT OUT GIRL, You wait and see, you will be STRONGER FOR IT. LUCY knows how you feel, unconditional love, you carnt BUY that. LOVE U HEEPS
    KIA KAHA {stand strong sister)
    Arohanui XXxx

  4. You poor thing! A blue brain!!! When I fly across the pond (7 hours one way, 8 coming back), I go into sheep know.... just go into a zone like a lamb & get herded hither & yon with really not too much control over where they're telling you to go. I've done that same sort of thing with surgeries I've had too. It's a little different, but same concept....I focus on 2 weeks from the date I had the surgery because I KNOW things will be more "normal" (whatever that is) then. It's worked for me somehow to get thru those times. I surely hope this is the last of your surgeries. They should be paying you $16K!!! Love!

  5. IM\m so honoured to be in your place of inspiration even more so I say to you sister, look ahead, look ahead and be strong and get through this for your Kids, grandkids but upmost for you to, because they (your family) are apart of U. XJ :-]


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