Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day for Tweezers and Scissors- with a bit of Alcohol!

Today was a day to pull out my trusty tweezers and a pair of scissors. And nope... I do not mean for scrapbooking, although I truly wish so! OK... so here is the story.

I have a few hormones that have gone wrong and every other month or so I get an annoying whisker! Yep, you heard it right... a whisker! And I found that if I spray it with a bit of hair spray first, it stiffens up a bit and I can pull the darn thing out, even with cheap tweezers like mine.

As for the scissors... well, this morning my big toe was hurting bad, like I was walking on a lentil. For those of you who do not know what lentils are, I guess I could say it felt as though I was walking on a kernal of unpopped popcorn!

Come to find out it was a plantars wart! Oh gross says I! So out comes the scissors and out comes the tweezers again, with plenty of alcohol, (not the drinkin' kind) And.. five minutes later out comes the plantars wart!

It hurt like heck taking it out, but I was not going to pay anymore medical bills this year. My 16 thousand dollar smile will be enough!

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  1. JOYCE!! WOW you are one tough cookie.. or Gingerbread Gal!! : ) I hope your foot feels better and that DARN WHISKER DOESN'T GROW back!! Ugh.. don't you just love all this maintenance we have to do!!?? ugh.
    I"m so sorry about your dental issues right now.. i know your going in soon for surgery :( Joyce.. YOu are in my prayers and thoughts of speedy healing!!
    with a grin,


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