Friday, June 19, 2009

Feeling Frustrated Today!

Today I am feeling very frustrated. It seems the more I try to learn about blogging and iphoto, imovie and In design, (just to name a few) the more I realize I do not know!!! Yikes... trying to manage settings and stuff. How do other people do it? Do you take classes, or do you just keep surfing and reading and surfing and reading?

I am sure eventually I will get things figured out. Sigh! Until then I will just keep moving along and try to remember that the turtle won the race.

I am also recovering from yet another oral surgery. It has not been my year... medically speaking. I am into my 4th oral surgery and have one left to go. Sigh. And, I just recently I fractured my foot. This has definitely slowed me down. So, OK... from head to foot I have had a few set backs. But it is not going to stop me. No way! I am going to pursue and and have a incredible, successful year. That a girl! Go get 'em!

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